I specialize in selling and renting homes and condominiums in the Naples market. My success has been earned with diligent work. Many things have changed in the 26 years I’ve worked as a Realtor in Naples. I keep myself informed about the community and the latest marketing techniques. In today’s competitive real estate market, a professional sales person must have the knowledge and ability to utilize the World Wide Presence, the Internet, the single most important marketing tool we have today. With attention focused on attracting buyers and sellers nationwide and worldwide.

I’m a proud sales woman who can offer you professional service, knowledge, quality, integrity and honesty. I’m an excellent listener and I will quickly learn what is important to you. I will share my experience and expertise on how we will reach your goal the quickest. I pride myself on superior negotiating skills. Once we start we will finish. I specialize in people and find out what they want. Sales is about putting the product and the right person together. When you engage with me you will have the representation you deserve.

I moved from Zuerich/Switzerland to Naples in 1986. Maybe that is not quite correct. At the time I called myself a cosmopolitan. I traveled the world, but Naples had an attraction like no other place with its beauty, combined with the peace and the relaxed friendly lifestyle. In 1990 I started my own Real Estate office, back when Naples had only a few high rises. I referred to the beach as “my” beach. At the time it was a paradise for retirees, a town where you went up early and you slowed down to enjoy each and every day. Naples was the “NOW.” Naples still retains that small town ambiance. Although we integrated families, jobs, art, nightlife, and alfresco dining we still remain small in a sense. We still enjoy our peace on the beach, the golf course, or simply on the lanai. We love our sunsets, we enjoy dine and wine in good company in a relaxed setting. We have a big heart and we love things orderly and clean.

I’m very confident in my abilities. Give me a try. I will be you last Realtor you need in Naples. Call today (239) 404-3445

I specialize in all aspects of the residential real estate: Resale – new construction – land selling/listing and renting for end users and investors

My heart is with children, people in need, environmental issues, health and animals. I support causes where my heart is. Two of my favorite organization are SMILE TRAIN and the Covenant House.

Angelina Turra
Angelina Turra, Realtor®
(239) 404-3445